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Bangla BoxingStadium Patong  is a sport that affect almost every part in the fighting and protect the customs, regulations and rules in a ring. Starting with the register. The pose is interesting. Pushing the music and rhythm. Melodies and agitated. From beginning to end a fight in a ring with it. Mae Mai Thai boxing at a boxing opponent Amgeded for war put an end to the fun and excitement, and the opponent.

   Many times it has been proven valor between boxing and martial arts of other nations. It appears that the TV can be overcome by a decisive majority. Proud to be Thai. It is of interest to foreigners. As a leader in the art to publish in international boxing. The big show. And to teach foreigners Thai boxing. Muay Thai competition. These are the force helping to promote the idea of ​​art, Thai boxing seriously. As well as in educational institutions. To encourage the art of fighting, Thai boxing is a unique national prosperity. And seek solutions to art, Thai boxing is a sport that can be competitive at the international level as well.

  Muay Thai is a martial art based on human nature to defend yourself or to defeat the opponent. The external organs of almost all the weapons. The fight will take tact and art, Muay Thai fluently. Physical and mental strength to overcome the opponent. Boxing Art strict rules and traditions too. Before punching must be registered to teach it. While pushing the musical punch they have aroused the excited excited Both those who are watching the fight and martial art of Muay Thai.

            Key features of the Thai boxing training. Must have a perfect body. There is a strong mental endurance, courage and self-confidence. Discipline and obedience to the teacher. Muay Thai traditions are strictly adhered to. Desirable virtues. Arts and boxing tactic will not be in the wrong way to behave like a thug bullying persecution of others. Etc.
            The practice of art of Muay Thai. Training must start with the basic skills prior to moving arms, legs and feet are nimble and relevant. Practice using different weapons using the sand blowing or Hra help. Training should be gradually ascending. And practice of soft to very hard to train your eyes. Fast and accurate decisions. Thai boxers and foremost they must exercise the courage and patience are great. And strictly obey the teaching of basic skills, respectively.

The beginners Thaiboxing program is directed by our Master Instructor Ajarn Mac, and under him, Kru Rose. With 40 years of experience, Ajarn Mac has trained and transformed hundreds of young Muay Thai fighters into contenders and champions at some of the most renowned Muay Thai gyms across the Kingdom of Thailand. 

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